To see the world in a grain of sand,

      And a heaven in a wild flower;

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

      And eternity in an hour.

                                 William Blake (1757 – 1827)

                              Artist, Poet, Visionary, and Radical


The words of Blake are still the closest to depict the flow of emotions and the intensity of feelings that evolves once a human contact takes place between our genuine handmade rug with the eyes or fingertips of a rug aficionado, a collector or even a fan.

Who we are since 1930 till present…

Those same words kept on enthusing Ahmed Fahmi El Kattan Bey (1881 – 1954) the founder of the technical education in Egypt, who had a dream and a vision that was realized upon his decision in the late twenties of the last century to retire, chasing his dream which ultimately materialized by founding “El Kattan Carpet Factory” for hand made rugs as the first producer of fine quality handmade rugs in 1930 in Egypt.

Outstretching fromEgypt, coupled with confidence and talent, he unfolded a fine artisanship in the weaving and hand made industry that challenged artisans all over the world in several international exhibitions inBelgium,USA, andItaly, which was crowned by receiving 2 gold medals inBrusselsin 1935 for his exquisite and fine production of rugs.

Since then, and from the same facility, an authentic listed palace built since 1815, we are continuing the legacy that was rooted by the founder in the family from generation to generation – both, guided by the original vision and framed by its embedded values we are still weaving with elegance for a multitude of clients; an individual or a company; family or business; an interior designer or an architect; a leader in your industry or a community developer; a retailer or a wholesaler.

We weave with passion...

Our belief is that the interaction of the smallest elements that lock together, the pairing of opposites, the contrast of colors and juxtaposition of weaves, in addition to the fine selection of ingredients along with skilled artistry – all couple and interlace to create nodes of interest that bring life to our rugs and satisfy your custom needs whatever are your expectations and demands.

 The goal of “El Kattan Carpets" was to achieve uniqueness and discrimination in our production. Our point of strength has been in manufacturing duplicates of antiques and creating\ imitating custom made designs in large sizes for clients that require specific designs, colors and sizes.  One of our famous hand made custom design rug was manufactured for King Farouk in 1948; a hand made rug in the form of a five pound note, and also a pharonic rug for the dinning room of Lord March (Good Wood House- England- 1998) and it was recognized and published in the magazine of “House & Garden” April 1998–page 120-121 and another article published in” House & Garden” about our factory- December 1999-pages-150-153. Along the years, many valuable clients have given us the privilege and challenge to transform art into hand made rugs.


Our oriental hand knotted designs in different qualities in wool and silk as well as hand woven kelims has been our regular core business since 1930 up to date and is available in a wide variety in our stock giving us the pleasure of furnishing homes with elegance, comfort and value as well as furnishing resorts and beach houses with bright colored kelims.

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