Historical Background of the building: 

 The building was constructed between 1815-1820. Ibrahim- the son of Mohamed Ali Pasha ordered it built as a place for recreation. The building was composed of the haramlek and the Salamlek and was built on a piece of land that amounted to more than 180 acres. On the death of Ibrahim Pasha, the palace was inherited by his son "Prince Moustafa Bahgat Fadel (1830-1875), till it was sold to Khedive Ismail (Sultan or King). The ownership of the palace was then transferred to Faika Hanem - the adopted daughter of Princess Out Shini Hanem - the wife of Khedive Ismail. Later on, the Princess donated the building to the government to help the people. The building was built of Daqshum and small pieces of lime stones among wooden lattice covered from outside by red plaster which was the same as Mohamed Aly Pashas' palaces of El Gawhara and el Haram in the Citadel. Ever since the time when Ahmed Fahmi El Kattan Bey founded the first Egyptian hand made carpet factory in this building, it has been used as a full fledged factory as well as our main and only showroom for displaying our carpets to our eligible clients. It is a place where tourists visit to smell the aroma of history, rug weaving and the antique architecture of the building. 

It’s a place where one could find peace and serenity while choosing pieces of art in the form of hand made rugs.