We weave and we care...

In El-Kattan we carry out our dedicated mission, driven by our social responsibility, we have teamed up with a group of authorities, training agencies and centers in order to protect our heritage and keep the weaving artistry and skills alive and constantly advancing – by continuously investing in providing generations and multi-levels of artisans and accordingly developing our community, sustaining our mission, and nurturing our success story.

A step of Kindness leads to Milestones of Success…


Due to 0ur experience in the industry of hand made rugs since 1930, “El Kattan Carpets” were legally registered by the Ministry of Labor as the only training center inEgyptfor hand made rug weaving. By receiving such a certificate, matters didn’t end at this stage, in mid 2008, “El kattan Carpets” joined forces with two charity organizations located in a slum area in Cairo for the training of young adults in the skill of hand made rugs.


We took the responsibility of training young adults in hand made rug weaving in our main branch which is the factory for those who do not attend school on a daily basis. Young trainees are transported to our factory while providing them with a financial incentive as well as a meal per day to encourage them to learn a world wide skill which is the manufacturing of hand made rugs and the charity organization took the responsibility of teaching the young trainees the basics of maths, English, computer skill and Arabic.


Due to the interest and eagerness demonstrated by the young adults in learning hand made rug weaving, in late 2008 up to date,, “El Kattan Carpets” opened two branches in this slum area and provided them our own head weavers as trainers for the trainees living there, looms and raw materials – all at our own expense in order to encourage them to learn the skill of art as well as expand our line of production in the various types of products that we manufacture.


As a certified training center, “El Kattan Carpets”  has the determination of expanding and opening other outlets in different slum areas in order to continue training and teaching  a  diminishing skill which is carpet weaving and help the unprivileged by securing them a job and provide them a better standard of living.


An Act of Kindness is Contagious….